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Shawn and Amanda

Shawn and Amanda Moore have whole-heartedly embraced the tranquility and accessibility old world charm Okeechobee offers. “When we first discovered Silver Palms, we were simply looking for a centralized spot in Florida from which we could research different areas for our future retirement.  Given the fact that we are in our early 40s, we certainly weren’t in a rush to decide on a permanent location but all of that changed as soon as we pulled into the resort’s gates.

“Residents can be involved with as many community activities as they want, or they can simply enjoy the peace and quiet of their own little piece of paradise.  Equally, as appealing is the fact that from Okeechobee we can head roughly one and a half hours in any direction and enjoy the rest of Florida then return back to the tranquility of home. Lastly, I had never heard of pickleball before visiting Silver Palms and have to say that it absolutely rocks!”

The Tale of Two RV'ers

This is a story of two couples who have finally reached that elusive pinnacle of opportunity for peace of mind, a bit of relaxation, and yes, maybe some adventure, as well.

After years of success, both couples were both getting ready to scale back on the amount of hours in a business environment they reluctantly referred to as their “home away from home,” and pursue a lifestyle that they’ve been dreaming about for years. This lifestyle dream included; locating that special paradise in Florida where tropical breezes blew and palm trees swayed. They were ready to spend time mingling with friends, recreating their day, playing, or just relaxing, reading, and soaking in the warm sunshine were priorities for their new RV lifestyle.

Six Months Later, one couple is still talking. The thought of all the planning, moving from place to place in the RV, leaving their current friends behind, high RV fuel prices, and the uncertainty about how to allocate funds for the dream has caused the dream to be placed on the back burner. In fact, this couple decided if they spend more time working another couple years and plan more, maybe in a few years they can escape the winter and enjoy the tropics!

The other couple took action, found and bought into their dream! They just put the final touches on their new “home away from home,” RV site as they described it! New friendships were made, some days their calendar is full of resort and area activities and other days are spent resting or reading poolside. They now plan on escaping the northern cold winters to enjoy Florida’s warm sunshine without much advance planning. They’re now living their dream right here at Silver Palms RV Resort!


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